We’re going to endeavor to keep this blog fresh and diverse, therefore we may not solely focus on gold investments. Don’t worry, making money is always at the core of what we do… and you’ll be happy to note that we will be providing you with many money-making options, which we will cover here in some detail.

Since the economic crash of 2008 the global economy has been turbulent at best! For most, this is bad news as business struggle to effectively plan for their future. We look at the glass as being half full here at GIU. With the uncertain markets comes excellent returns on investment for gold investors… gold investors like us that is. There could not be a better time to get into the game… and with no sign of slowing down, why wouldn’t you?

Investing in any commodity is all about timing… one also needs to be mindful of undervalued options that present exceptional potential growth. Anyone who’s read Charlie Munger The Wise Investor will know what we mean. (This book is thoroughly recommended and is a staple for any serious investor.)

Anyway… we’re not just talking about gold today are we? A hot topic at the moment is Brexit. Does it affect us? Will it affect you? The jury is still out. However, there has been some effect on global markets… but the question looms on whether things will return back to normal. If you ask us, we feel the markets will wait until the UK formally commits to leaving the EU. At that point, negotiations will begin and the world will see what kind of a departure deal the UK gets. Everything hinges on this… so expect an adjustment to your portfolio, which could swing in either direction.

One things is for sure. If you’re currently invested, you need not worry. The question is never, will gold increase in value–of course it will. It tends to ebb and flow in value. The question is more along the lines of, how quickly will it grow in value? With this in mind… if you can hold onto your gold investment for any period of time… then you’re likely to come out on top. However, if you’re thinking of trading gold investments in the interim between now and the UK officially leaving the EU… well.. you’re braver than we are–let’s just put it that way.


Who stands to win out of all this? Your guess is as good as our at the moment. However we seem to think that things will simply return to normal. The UK is working very hard to build new relationships with other trading partners. You also have to remember, that while the EU was the UK’s biggest trading partner… it wasn’t their only one… so, it’s not all doom and gloom.

Keep posted for next time–we’re looking to have a guest post from a city trader. Keep your eyes peeled, this one’s gonna be good!